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Friday, August 13, 2010

Follow Friday: Bellsknits

Do you know, in a year of blogging, I think this is my first Follow Friday post?

So, for my first ever Follow Friday, I am recommending a particular post on a particular blog. The blog is Bellsknits and the post is Always, your loving sister. In this post, Bells writes movingly about receiving and reading letters written by her grandmother, who died at the age of 39 while her children were still young.

Not that I don't recommend the rest of the blog! It's definately worth reading.

It's just that... Bellskits is not a genealogy blog. Until recently, it was primarily a knitting blog. If you are into knitting - or even if you are not - have a look at her previous posts. They are thoughtful, beautifully written and have gorgeous photographs. They may even inspire you to start knitting. You will also find many posts that touch on other topics. I say "until recently" because Bells is now changing direction with her blogging, and blogging daily for a short period while she finds that direction.

Bells lives in Canberra, as do I, although I don't know her personally.

No, Bells is not a genea-blogger, but she has written one of the most beautiful and moving family history posts that I've ever read.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Winter chills

It's been a long winter. Canberra winters are known for their chill and this year has been no exception. My family has suffered repeated (or constant? It's getting hard to tell the difference) respiratory infections. While no-one has been at death's door, caring for a sick toddler while I've been ill myself has been draining.

Hence, I've been a bit quiet on the blog (and Twitter) lately.

Now that it's mid-August, the end of winter is in sight! I hope to resume normal service shortly.